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Laura Bryson & Kirsti Brown | SEASON: 18th - 25th June 2022

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

SEASON is a joint exhibition of sea inspired original art by local artist Laura Bryson and ceramicist Kirsti Brown. Intrinsically linked by the Irish Sea, both artists have been inspired by the ocean throughout the seasons and at different times of the day.

The exhibition is open every day upstairs at klöver haus in Moira from Saturday 18th through to Saturday 25th June between 10am and 4pm. You can view and purchase all exhibition pieces online here.

Laura Bryson Artist | Beach Paintings | Northern Ireland

Laura Bryson

Working in acrylic, Laura Bryson tries to show the beauty of the sea, sky and shore, in her own way and hopes that viewers are reminded of a memory or a place special to them. Using a combination of palette knives and brushes, she brings texture to her work. For this exhibition, Laura has experimented with new colours and has explored sunsets in her work for the first time.

“There is something fascinating about the sea, mysterious even. It’s always changing. The same place can look completely different from the last day you visited. I love how the coast makes me feel.” ~ Laura Bryson

Kirsti Brown Ceramics | North Wales

Kirsti Brown

Kirsti Brown is based in North Wales and has created some of her largest ceramic vessels to date for the exhibition. Drawn to the sea for its sense of calm, Kirsti loves watching the waves, standing on the edge of the beach as your feet sink into the sand, watching the pebbles and seaweed wash in and out with the tide.

“Last year on the Llyn Peninsular we could see the Wicklow mountains as the sun set, it was amazing.” ~ Kirsti Brown

You can purchase Laura Bryson's & Kirsti Brown's exhibition work in our online shop when the exhibition opens. Alternatively, please feel free to call in to klöver haus and browse artwork by local artists. A range of smaller vessels by Kirsti Brown is available at in klöver in Moira, Hillsborough and online here.

You can also follow us on all of our klöver haus social channels: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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