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Laura Bryson is fascinated by the sea and this exhibition is a celebration of it's ever changing qualities. SEASON examines the ocean throughout the seasons and at different times of the day. It is a joint exhibition featuring original paintings by Laura Bryson and sea inspired ceramics by Kirsti Brown.

"The same place can look completely different from the last day you visited. I love how the coast makes me feel." ~ Laura Bryson. Laura captures the beauty and atmospheric skies of the County Antrim Coast and brings the viewer a refreshing sense of calm. This piece entitled 'Free as the Waves' has been framed in a simple white wooden float frame for a contemporary look. 

Laura Bryson | Free as the Waves Original

  • Original acrylic on canvas

    Canvas size: 40cm x 40cm approx.
    Framed size: 43cm x 43cm approx.

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