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klöver haus opened in 2020 and is a social enterprise with the key objective of delivering arts projects and events to the local community.


With the vision of making art accessible to all, klöver haus is centred around creating a space for people to enjoy, experience and express themselves openly through art.


By working with artists and the local community, we aim to make klöver haus a genuinely collaborative space. It is a small space with big ideas and all profits are reinvested to further our social mission.

Art Gallery Northern Ireland

We believe that art should be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds and this is why we brought klöver haus to Moira...

klöver haus offers a combination of free and paid arts events, demonstrations and workshops designed to bring people together and foster a greater sense of community. We believe that klöver haus can be a transformative place where life is enriched by relationships, experiences and the arts. It is a collaborative space for people to enjoy, experience and express themselves openly through art. As a social enterprise, it is a small space with big ideas and all profits are reinvested to further the social mission.

Art knows no boundaries and has an inherent ability to bridge divides. Our ultimate goal is to bring art to those who wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to it and especially to those who would benefit most. klöver haus is a place to build new artistic communities, share ideas and open the minds of our local community.

Mission Statement

Corporate Social Responsibility

Products & Packaging | Everything we sell is sustainably sourced from independent artists and makers at a fair price set by the maker themselves. We minimise waste and reuse and recycle packaging wherever possible. Our wrapping paper is uncoated so that it can easily be recycled or composted.

Framing | We believe that artwork deserves a frame which will enhance its beauty and protect it for years to come. We use wooden frames not only because they have a superior finish, but also to reduce the use of plastic waste. We also only use glass as it has the best clarity and again contains no plastic.

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About Us

Art Gallery Northern Ireland

What We Do

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We host a wide range of arts events at klöver haus. We have exhibitions and host workshops upstairs in our gallery area. We are currently working with local artists to add more creative workshops to our calendar. Simply visit our Upcoming Events page for more details.

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Shop original art today in our online store. Exhibition artwork becomes available to view and purchase online and in person on the day the exhibition launches. We also showcase additional art in our online shop by talented local artists and independent makers. 

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As well as being a creative space, klöver haus also offers a professional and bespoke framing service. We can frame prints and original art in various mediums. All of our framing is managed in house and carried out by an experienced framer with great attention to detail. 

Art Gallery Northern Ireland

It's all about the team....

Meet the Team

Our team is at the heart of everything we do at klöver haus. We are passionate about what we do and love working with independent artists and makers to bring you unique creative experiences.

Coming Soon

Visit our sister shops...

in klöver

Situated in the heart of Hillsborough and Moira, County Down, our sister shops showcase a wide range of art and handmade products from wall art, ceramics and jewellery through to unique cards & gifts.

Art Gallery Northern Ireland

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